We Love Data


This is a website with a very focused purpose: creating dashboards, reports, and data visualizations to help keep marketing and sales teams on track.

It was created by a team of advertising, SEM, SEO, and marketing professionals who service high growth companies.

We are building out some example charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports, and if you like what you see, email us to talk about your needs. And if you want us to create a data visualization that you don’t see, let us know.

Also, let us know if you’d like to get access to our live client demo, where we will allow you to login to our own personal multisite dashboard showing performance metrics for this site and two others.  Or click here to access our internal demo, where we show you how we save time when viewing client reports.  Unlike the publicly available charts, graphs and dashboards, the demo shows the data that we use to monitor our actual business, and is a good guide for what you might want us to create for you.

Drop us a line at hi@marlowmetrics.com.

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